Are dash cams legal in India?

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Yes, dash cameras are legal in India with a few considerations. The dash cam is considered a public recorder, and if you enter private property (e.g. military base, office park), you can be asked to switch off your camera for security reasons. The owners of the private property are within their legal rights to ask you to stop recording. Also the dash camera must not be installed in a position to distract the driver of the vehicle. Normally we recommend our client to install their camera just behind their rear view mirror. You can use you dash cam footage to substantiate a claim of dangerous driving to the authorities. Based on the evidence a fine can be issued to the offending motorist. Video footage from the dash camera can be used in court of law or can be shown to your insurance company or local police to prove your innocence. This is just in the same way CCTV footage can be used in Indian courts.

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